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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

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Friday, May 15, 2009

47 more mintues to 16th May 2009... and counting..


Just got home not so long ago to celebrate Yuzhou's birthday. It's was supposed to be a surprise and Lisa Lisa was entrusted with the important mission of bring our beloved birthday girl to Changi Airport. It took me SO LONG to meet up with Liting, Swee Hong and Lyn Lyn. I was at B1 when I saw group of this air stewards, stewardress and pilots. They really inspired me to be one of them cause I WANT TO GO OVERSEA. I WANT TO GO JAPAN. (okay back to topic)

So Lisa Lisa finished her task as she bought Yuzhou to Swensen though she saw us on her way down the esacalator. But Swensen was rather packed and Lyn Lyn & Liting were like dissolving (due to hunger) into thin air. So we changed the venue to Aiji-san ramen store. haha.. The serving was rather huge and our stomach was quickly satisfied. The first moment when we received our ramen there was silence. Why? Because we were all busy eating our ramen and no bother was free to talk. Liting was the first to finish, followed by Yuzhou. Lyn lyn was the first one to give up (she's that kind of customer that buffet restaraunt loves: hungry fast, full fast.) Overall, the meal was satisfying.

2 days ago just bought a new cellphone along with the renewal of the Mio plan. haha... I FINALLY GOT A NEW PHONE. That day, we(as in I) spent about 2hours just making the decision which phone to buy. Got to ask my brother down to ask for his opinion, so it was the whole family went down to the shop just for me to make my decision what phone to buy. haha...
Getting a new phone is just plain SHIOK!!!!!

Tomorrow's college day.
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

SYF ended of Wednesday 6th May. Phew~
As usual, the wait for result is a pain, cause you have to sit for a LONG period of time with nothing to do, in short I was bored then. I'm proud to announce that MJC and RV got silver award. Same as us. haha. I know it's so mean but this fact sort of provided comfort that the effort we put in as an orchestra is not in vain. Where everyone had to stay back for night practices and everything, it was tough then. However practices were pretty enjoyable apart from the mistakes made by us, my bed-head was often being mentioned cause my conductor somehow was very concerned with my hair I supposed.
The highlight of the competition might be during our performance, I think the vibraphone wasn't tuned or what, it sounded plain weird with the 'me----ooow' sound. haha.. The person playing was like SHOCKED to the max.

Then today was BIOLOGY SPA trial A assessment. IT'S OVER!! SHIOK TO THE EXTREME. The 1hour duration is so nerve-wreaking and my hands are like 'CHIONG-AH' the moment the assessment start. Super glad that is over.

Can't find any nice manga to read. Katekyo is good(Chapter 240 is out), but I'm still waiting for the next update. Found a really good but short (as in I can't find the update) manga, so I search the manga under the author. I read a few of her work, but mostly not exactly my type of shoujo manga I will go for. I lacking for manga to read...

Thank goodness, there's holiday on Monday. I'm desperate for break =.=
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Saturday, April 04, 2009

haha. Sort of fell sick. It start with a squeaky voice then cough plus flu. haha..
My new voice is SO SQUEAKY. haha. I can't even talk normally without even going off-tune~~
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


but got SOMEHOW my earpiece got sneak out of my house by SOMEBODY la.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm so TOUCHED!!! I JUST FINISHED my exams as in Semestral Assessment. Having a school near your home is such blessing.

Anyway let's recount what happened during the exams....
Round 1
Paper1- *Scan through the paper* What! Why the questions are like so... as in you need to be rather profficient in your language to write them. The question that I wrote was like the most manageable among all of them. haha..
Paper2- At first okay one, then behind was like... WHAT WITH THE QUESTION!!! I can't paraphrase much. UNCERTAINTY is... The age of uncertainty... I was rather certain I want to punch my table lor...
NEXT, Economics:
The one was rather manageable compared to other papers. hehe... ^_^ Whoa.. I was like SHIOK~~~

Round 2
haha.. please la. This is like my worst subject can. I can only do my Statistics and others was like #$%^&* alien language.. Statistics is <3 but the worst was yet to come...
WHOA!!! MY DARLING CHEMISTRY!!! I want to kill people sia!!! I do until half way then I super *ROAR*!!! I was like why cannot balance the thing. Then my organic chemistry, I spent so much time on you then one stupid mistake then I lost 10 marks. NEXT TIME YOU WATCH OUT.....

Round 3
haha. just finish the paper. MY ESSAY IS SO SCREWED!!! I learnt my comparision for prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome then come out viral genome!!! AIYO~~~

ANYWAY, exams are done. I will wait until the results are back first. haha...

To Sam & Monica
haha.. the japan trip photos is REALLY A LOT!!! Can I like store into a storage device then next time bring for you all to see. Can can??
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Mio box was down for about 4 days. haha. *I felt so bored lor. Am I addicted to my computer!?*I suppose the breakdown was pretty timely cause I need to study for my semestral assessment which is like next week. Still need to rush through my syllabus to cover the topics that are tested during the tested.
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